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Five Things Everyone Should Know About Lawnmower Blades

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About Lawnmower Blades

1) It is recommended that you sharpen your blades at least once or twice a year. A dull blade can cause your lawn to look tattered and make it more susceptible to disease. This also causes your equipment to work harder and use more fuel.

2) When sharpening your blades they should be sharpened until they are roughly as sharp as a butter knife. Since lawnmower blades spin at a high rate of speed they do not need to be razor sharp.

3) The most common mistakes lawnmower owners make when sharpening their blades is installing them upside down. If installed upside down the blades will not cut. Make sure to note and/or mark the blade when removing it.

4) It is recommended that you replace your blades after being sharpened three or four times. While sharpening your blades inspect them closely. If your blade is bent, cracked or dented, replace it immediately. Damaged blades can cause damage and/or injury and are unsafe.

5) It’s important to balance your blade when sharpening them. If you do not have a balancer, we have them available here for only $7.75. (http://www.mowerparts4less.com/metal-blade-balancer-always-balance-blades-when-sharpening/) Failing to balance your blade could cause damage to your equipment and lead to costly repairs.