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The Single Most Important Thing to Remember When It's Time to Replace Your Belt!


The Single Most Important Thing to Remember When It’s Time to Replace Your Belt!

This is how the story usually goes…

You’re mowing your yard, next thing you know, the belt that drives the blades breaks. Being the innovative DIY mechanic you are you realize you’ll need a new belt. So you purchase a new belt, after all it was an old belt, right? After you replace it and carefully reroute it. Now it’s time to fire it up and finish the yard, but to your dismay, the belt brakes again. Did you route it improperly? Was the belt defective? Is there little green men sabotaging your belt when you’re not looking? Then you suddenly realize you’ve been watching too many paranormal shows.

As consumers, we sometimes forget one very important step that will likely save us from having problems later down the road or sometimes even right after installation of a new belt.

We highly recommend checking all of your pulleys and spindles prior to replacing your belt. If not, consult with a small engine professional or replace the damaged pulley or spindle.  If a pulley or a spindle is not spinning properly, it will likely shred a perfectly good belt quickly. Always take a moment to check and make sure they spin freely.