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Top Tips To Avoid Chainsaw Tragedy

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Top Tips To Avoid Chainsaw Tragedy

This article is not intended to cover all chainsaw safety. Our hope is that it brings attention to the safety concerns of using said equipment.

Recently a video of a chainsaw wielding nun went viral. While not insinuating that the “Chainsaw Sister” is inexperienced, but it does make you wonder how much experience she’s had with a chainsaw.

With all the devastation and destruction from the recent hurricanes, a quick reminder about chainsaw safety is in order. It’s amazing how so many good people have volunteered to help with rescue and cleanup efforts. Unfortunately, this opens some up to the probability of injury or possibility death to oneself or bystanders.

To protect you from serious injury, safety equipment is highly recommended. There are various types of safety equipment to utilize. It’s recommended that you wear gloves, long sleeves, eye protection and hearing protection, at the bare minimum.

Finally, watch out for the kickback zone. If this area of the bar comes in contact with something while the chain is still moving the saw will kick back towards you. This puts you at risk for coming in contact with the chain and causing injury.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to cover all chainsaw safety strategies. Prior to using a chainsaw always refer to your user manual or with a professional for proper training.